Our Story

As an Australian-owned and managed aged care specialized nursing agency, we’ve been connecting great staff with facilities and providers since 2010. Our organisation is named in honour of Christiaan Neethling Barnard – the brilliant cardiac surgeon who performed the world’s first human heart transplant in 1967.

Inspired by his extraordinary legacy, we seek to embody the principles of a life dedicated to others. Every day, our team strives to offer our clients expert, compassionate, and specialised care – with a heart-to-heart human touch.

Before the inception of Chris Barnard Nursing Agency, in 2010, our team had worked in the Aged Care industry and witnessed its dire need for change.

TEAM CBNA then formed in 2010. Here was our challenge, our solution, and our result.


The fundamental challenge that affected all aspects of the Aged Care sector was, a lack of support and staffing services which resulted in under-resourced providers and overworked staff, which left the residents with poor support.


We hired for heart. CBNA offered an optimistic new choice; A people-centric agency that built a workforce based primarily on their values and fit for aged care with a view to develop skill.

Our promise to understand, to create relationships, and to build trust with both our clients and our staff have stood the test of time.

Large agency capability with a personal, caring touch

At Chris Barnard Nursing Agency, our experienced team understands the aged care industry and how to meet your staffing needs. Our boutique nature means you’ll talk to someone who knows you by name.


To be the Australian preferred provider of outsourced workforce solutions in Aged Care.


Understand our clients, create relationships and build trust so we can solve their workforce challenges and provide the best care for our elderly.

We aim to be our clients’ preferred partner, so they are as loyal to us as we are to them.

We are humans, speaking to humans!

How we communicate is central to how we bring our values to life. We thrive on the ability to understand and feel what another person is experiencing and putting ourselves in their shoes. Having our tone & voice as a point of reference helps each of us set the benchmark for the CBNA customer service experience.

Our Values

Keep learning, keep growing. Find your best and bring out the best in others.

Teamwork is powerful. It makes us all stronger. Invest in your team, trust in your team, be there for each other. We inspire, support and empower our people to realise their potential.

Achieving anything worthwhile takes commitment. Expect challenges and take them on. Don't give up, persistence pays off.

Achieving anything worthwhile takes commitment. Expect challenges and take them on. Don't give up, persistence pays off.

Simple is better, communicate clearly. Get through the clutter. Move quickly.

Listen first. Recognise the efforts of those of who contribute to our achievements and never take success for granted. Show pride without ego.

We’re all part of a proud team. Now each of us has an opportunity to contribute to our story.

What our clients say

Since 2010, we’ve been helping our aged care clients deliver quality care for their residents. We see ourselves as your partners in care provision. Our team work closely with you to meet your staffing needs

Linda Roster Co-ordinator

The service that Chris Barnard Nursing Agency supplies is always outstanding. They are morally and ethically fantastic.

Angela Director of Nursing

They are a boutique nursing agency which I think is good. They are easy to deal with, honest and friendly, and always very focused on customer service.

Mary-Anne Staffing & Compliance Coordinator

I have found that the team at Chris Barnard Nursing Agency bend over backwards to meet our needs.

Janet Facility Manager

They have always provided us with a very reliable and very trustworthy service. They continually and without fail, provide an open and transparent approach to their service, and this makes them really stand out from others.

Anna Facility Manager

We always get exceptional service from Chris Barnard Nursing Agency. Everything is always delivered on time and without any problem. Their adaptability and flexibility makes them so easy to work with.

Kendal Roster Coordinator

I find them excellent to deal with. They have gone to great lengths for me to find the right people for the work I need done. Their Commitment really makes them stand out from the others.

Rachel Roster Coordinator

Chris Barnard Nursing Agency are the only Agency I know who will always deliver as promised. If I ever need staff at short notice, these are the people I contact. They run a great business with friendly, professional and experienced staff.

Marylin Group Quality Manager / Aged Care Facility Manager

Chris Barnard Nursing Agency is a highly professional and collaborative workforce management organization, with allocations consultants that understand the vulnerable nature of our residents as they always made significant effort to ensure to send well trained staff and to maintain continuity of care.

Nadia Roster Coordinator

Chris Barnard Nursing Agency is an all‐round good business that I have been very happy with. I have dealt with them for over a year now. They are so easy to deal with and have great processes.

Emily Facility Manager

I think their willingness to meet our needs and provide a high standard of customer service is fantastic. Their quick response, with prompt call-backs, is appreciated. They go above and beyond for us and make the process easy and streamlined. We now use Chris Barnard Nursing Agency for ninety eight percent of our staffing needs.

Nicole Director of Nursing

I have always found them pleasant and accommodating. They go out of their way to provide good service, which is very personal as well as professional. Their staff are of high quality, and they are able to send highly trained specialist staff whenever required. Our regular staff have been happy with the staff they have sent us, which has not happened with other agency staff.