Communicating with Someone Who Has Dementia
17 April 2024
Dementia is more than just memory loss. It can affect the way a person communicates their needs.How to engage respectfully with clients affected by dementia:limit distractions w...
Assessing Frailty in Older Adults
12 April 2024
Frailty refers to physiological decline associated with older age.SIGNS:excessively fatiguedunplanned weight lossfrequent infectionsfalls frequently/fear of fallingcognitive...
Caring for Clients With Hearing Loss
3 April 2024
Some causes: congenital chronic disease smoking impacted ear wax poor nutrition exposure to loud noises  Recognising it: person often asks others to rep...
LGBTIQ+ Awareness in Aged Care
26 March 2024
LGBTIQ+ community:report poorer mental health conditionshigher suicide rateshigher risk of experiencing depression Ways we can ensure inclusive care for the LGBTIQ+ residents:1. Making Informe...

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